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PestEx 2022: Lodi UK Shows It's Support for UK Pest Control

We knew it was going to be a good one this year… and it didn’t disappoint!

PestEx 2022 once again reunited the world of pest controllers in what is the biggest event in the pest control calendar.

The Lodi UK team set off to set up our unique exhibition stand, packed full of merchandise, samples and goodie bags, ready for March 16th-17th.

Lodi UK PestEx exhibition stand

After months of planning, designing and preparing, the big day finally arrived!

Hundreds of people within the pest control industry visited us, not only to dip into the wealth of knowledge that our incredible Lodi team has, but also to reminisce, network and share a couple of drinks.

Whether you talked about Digrain with Matt, Phobi with Eliza, rodenticides with Shelly, or were introduced to the brilliant Lodi team from France, the whole team loved seeing everyone in person for the first time in years at PestEx.

Lodi UK at PestEx with customer holding Digrain

Our stand was buzzing with activity throughout the two days, giving some of the newer members of our team a chance to meet those who have been key players in British pest control for many years. To say thank you, everyone who came to our stand was greeting with a beer or two!

PestEx is also a valuable time for the Lodi UK team to showcase products and debut our brand-new professional pest control brochure.

If you would like to view the brochure, click here!

Lodi UK boss Roger Simpson with customers at PestEx 2022

We also got the opportunity to meet with the brilliantly creative people at Pest Magazine, who featured Lodi in their superhero get-ups in the few weeks before PestEx began.

The article was a teaser for the stand design, created by our very own graphic designer Romain. Romain was kept busy throughout PestEx, capturing the excitement we all felt and skillfully compiling them into a video on day one of the event.

Lodi UK features in Pest Magazine in the run up to PestEx 2022

You can watch the video below, and be sure to check out our other social media channels for coverage of the event and for regular pest control updates. 


Thank you to the British Pest Control Association for organizing this fantastic event, allowing us to demonstrate how proud we are to support UK pest control.

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