Lodi International

LODI - A truly international business. The LODI group has four 'state of the art' manufacturing facilities in France, Belgium and the UK as well as office and warehouse facilities. LODI has also built up sales in over 60 countries and exports throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Central America and the Caribbean. LODI is renowned for its innovative and quality products, and has invested heavily to establish facilities on a local and international level to supply demand efficiently.

LODI has developed over 140 European product registrations in order to ensure that we control the health risks that pests pose. We pride ourselves on developing new products by listening to our customers and adapting to an ever changing environment. The LODI group has a great advantage in that we are one of the largest European manufacturers whilst being able to adapt to the ever changing global environment quickly. With our global climate changing we are seeing a number of new pest carriers entering European countries and we are; and have been quick to formulate and register new products to help combat the risks that they pose. We pride ourselves in listening to the type of products you need on the market and react quickly to formulate, manufacture and supply them to you.

With over 140 European registrations LODI has a large European R&D department and registration team based at our headquarters in Grand Fougeray, France. The LODI technical team are constantly striving to develop and create new and innovative formulations to make pest control more effective for the user and friendlier for the environment. 

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