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The Organ-X FlyTrap XL: The Ultimate Fly Control Solution for Farmers

Why are flies a problem?

The Common House Flies are the most common fly affecting livestock in the UK, as well as Stable Flies and Lesser House Flies. All fly types become more active as temperatures increase during the day and night.

Flies can stop poultry, pigs and cattle from settling and feeding. Bites can become a real issue, alongside the spread of viruses and disease.

Horse stables paddock fly problem

Fly problems only get progressively worse throughout the summer, eventually declining as temperatures decline. However, waiting isn’t an option for farmers.


How do you use an Organ-X FlyTrap?

Our FlyTraps are incredibly easy to use.

  1. Open your FlyTrap

  2. Twist the green topper until a gap appears

  3. Fill with water up to the indicator line

  4. Hang your FlyTrap in problem areas, out of reach of children and animals


How to Use Flybag


Why are FlyTraps perfect for farmers?

An effective, cost-effective and location-specific solution to fly problems is the FlyTrap XL.

FlyTraps can catch up to 40,000 flies in one bag, making them perfect for areas of heavy fly concentration.

When you run a farm, you have thousands of things to be thinking about at once. You need fast solutions to problems and even faster solutions to pest problems.

Lodi UK’s FlyTrap XL has irresistible attractants, luring flies into the bag where they die quickly. Not only is this great for dealing with a fly problem quickly, but they are also fantastic tools for monitoring fly activity around areas of the farm.

Fly numbers must be monitored regularly, and the FlyTrap is perfect for doing this. During the warmer months, use monitoring such as the FlyTrap to identify increased spikes in fly activity as part of a strategic fly management control program.

Simply place the FlyTrap near livestock (but out of reach!) or around the farm and monitor each one on a regular basis.


Flybag on farm fast results


How do I deal with maggots and larvae?

Hot and humid conditions are perfect for flies to breed as a greater percentage of maggots develop into flies.

To thoroughly deal with a fly problem on a farm you also need to target the lifecycle of flies.

By the time you have caught adult flies, they have already reproduced and begun the upcoming generations of flies.


Maggots On Farm Fly Control


One of the most effective methods for farms is to treat manure with Maggots. This is a fly larvicidal product used to kill fly larvae. You can use Maggots in poultry housing, pig breeding units, horse stables, waste management sites and more.

Maggots prevents the maggot from developing into a fly as it contains Cyromazine, a growth regulator. It can be sprayed after dilution in water, or simply sprinkled onto slurry. You should see results around 2 weeks after the first application.


What other products can be used in animal housing to control flies?

Sheila is a ready to use insecticide containing 29 sex pheromones, luring flies into the granular bait and killing them quickly.

Azamethiphos is the fastest chemical on the market causing flies to die almost instantly on contact. Not only does the bait lure in flies with its scent, but the vibrant colour of Sheila is an attractant.

Sheila works so quickly that you will find dead flies next to the bait itself! It is the only bait that can kill by ingestion or contact, making it as essential product on farms.


Sheila On Farm Fly Bait


Alternatively, Twenty One is a great choice for farmers as it is the only product that can be sprayed or painted on walls and ceilings in poultry, pig and livestock housing.

It can be diluted and sprayed onto walls and floor or mixed into a smaller amount of water in order to be painted onto boards hanged from the ceiling.

Twenty One is effective for 12 weeks providing farms with the long-lasting protection they need. It is also the only product that can be sprayed and painted, giving demonstrable results almost instantly.


Twenty One On Farm Fly Control


How do I get these products?

For information on how to stock our famous FlyTrap in your agri store, merchant or garden centre, speak to one of our fabulous team members at

If you would like more information on how to purchase and use the FlyTrap, Maggots, Sheila RTU or Twenty One, contact us here.

Farmers or professional pest controllers looking to use the FlyTrap, Maggots, Sheila RTU or Twenty One, contact us here.


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