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How to Remove Mould, Algae and Lichen

What is the green stuff on your patio?

After the long winter months, spring comes along, and people get the chance to go back out into their gardens. One of the first things they see as they step outside is green algae all over their patio area. It is common to find growths such as algae, lichens, and mould growing on hard surfaces. These growths are present year-round, they are more noticeable in the winter or after rainfall.

Contrary to popular belief, they do not stain or damage what they are growing on. They can cause patios, drives, paths and steps to become slippery, especially in wet weather. They can also grow on water features, furniture and ornaments making them unsightly. Although the green stuff on your patio doesn’t normally pose a health threat, you shouldn’t ingest them and should wash your hands if you touch them. If you have small children or pets, it is even more important to keep these organisms under control.


Why do patios turn green?

Algaes, lichens and mould prefer to grow in damp, humid areas. They need plenty of water to grow and often paved patios do not have sufficient drainage to stay dry. Algae also grows faster in shaded areas as water does not evaporate as quickly. As they are aerobic organisms, they need air to breed and grow – and there is plenty outside!


How can you get rid of algae on the patio?

Storm Patio Force is a new range of patio cleaning products available in either 5ltr Concentrate or 5ltr Ready to Use. It is double the strength of the leading competitors which provides up to 30% more coverage. One bottle of Storm Patio Force can clean up to 220m2 with 9 months of protection after treatment.

The best part is that it contains a dynamic algicidal detergent which kills the green off the patio without the need for scrubbing. Simply apply to the affected areas and you end up with a noticeably cleaner area of driveway, patios, conservatories, fencing, brickwork, greenhouses and even artificial grass areas. 

Manual scrubbing takes a lot of effort and pressure washing is messy and time consuming. Intense pressure washing also roughens up surfaces that you have cleaned thereby encouraging rapid regrowth of the algae.


How to use Patio Force

Here are our top tips for using Storm Patio Force.  Maximum clean for minimum fuss!

Step 1: Use a soft broom or low-pressure jet wash to remove surface dirt and debris from any surfaces where you are applying Patio Force.

Step 2: When there are a few sunny days ahead in the weather forecast, now is the time to use Patio Force as best results occur when the product can naturally dry into the surface for a few days.  Follow the dilution rates if using a concentrated version, mixing the solution in a watering can or pressure sprayer. With the Ready to Use it’s good to go with a trigger sprayer included.  Apply an even spray, wetting down all the areas of the patio. After treatment, you with notice the green algae and other organisms die off pretty quickly while toughened lichen may take a little longer before it breaks down.

Step 3: Reapply twice a year in spring and autumn for best results.

Patio Force does not contain a bleaching agent and works to protect your patios and other surfaces for up to 9 months!

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