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Lodi’s new Anti-Rodent Spray is a specially formulated aerosol to protect your home from rodent attacks. The vapourised solution forms a protective, waterproof film over anything that it is sprayed on for up to 6 months. This can ensure that your electrical cables, house insulation, machinery, or vehicles are safe from rats’ sharp teeth. It’s estimated that up to 25% of fires of unknown causes are caused by rats chewing electrical cables!

Did you know that rodents love to eat brake pads and soundproofing in cars? They’ve even been known to chew through brake lines! Using the Anti-Rodent Spray could protect you and your family from unwanted car repair bills or from accidents.

The Anti-Rodent Spray is also highly effective against squirrels. It can be sprayed around any potential entry points in your loft to prevent them from entering your home. Squirrels might be cute but they can cause enormous damage in homes and garages. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has put them in the top 100 worst invasive animal species in the world.

Lodi would recommend using the Spray after you have successfully gotten a rodent infestation under control using Racan or Gems products. Removing rodents from your property (and fixing the damage they cause) can be time-consuming and very expensive. Prevention is always better than cure!


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Anti Rodent Spray

Specially formulated aerosol to protect from rodent attack

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