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UK Expecting a Surge in Insect Numbers this Autumn

Experts have warned that the warm wet summer has led to a huge increase in insect numbers this autumn. Parts of the southeast received 150% of their average rainfall but the temperatures have remained 0.1˚c above the average. This hot, humid weather has continued through to the autumn, creating the perfect climate for insects to breed.

Up to 200 billion crane flies (also known as daddy longlegs) could be on their way. Crane flies aren’t harmful, but they can be an annoying nuisance, especially in the home and the garden. David Goulson, a biology professor at Sussex University, also blames lush plant growth this summer for the rise in numbers. The crane fly larvae, otherwise known as leatherjackets, live under grass cover where they eat the roots. They thrive in longer, unmaintained areas. 

Daddy longlegs aren’t the only ones who have seen an increase in numbers. UK mosquito expert Howard Carter has advised that there could be a 20% rise in the number of mosquitos this autumn. The warm weather and abandoned pools during the summer lockdowns have created the ideal breeding conditions.


Insecto Pro Formula Fly & Wasp Destroyer is probably the strongest fly & wasp spray available, but it will also tackle crane flies quickly and easily. It contains both Tetramethrin and Trans-Phenothrin to provide instant results.

If you are looking for an organic way to tackle daddy longlegs, try Organ-X Pro Freeze Spray. It kills instantly by using a burst of sudden cold. It is chemical-free, odourless, non-staining and safe for use around children and pets.

Both of these products can be used on most flying and crawling insects that you will find around the house. Due to the wide range of insects that they work on, they are the ideal products to keep in the cupboard, garage or shed.

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