Racan Wooden Mouse Traps

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Racan Wooden Mouse Traps

Product: Racan Wooden Mouse Traps - Pack Of 2

Code: RACAN1092

Description: Traditional wooden snap trap

ENQUIRE: Racan Wooden Mouse Traps

Racan Wooden Mouse Traps

Over 100 years later and The “Traditional” RACO Wooden Mouse Trap is still the best selling and most effective design today. A favourite with everyone due to its easy setting treadle plate and fast action. Use with the highly palatable and luring RACO Rodent Attractant!

  • Bait is placed on the treadle plate, which is raised to set
  • The mouse has to touch the treadle plate to reach the bait
  • The mouse triggers snap trap when it applies the slightest pressure to treadle plate
  • High catch rate – Quick and Humane

Setting the Trap

  1. Firstly bait the yellow treadle plate with ‘RACO Rodent Attractant’ or preferred bait.
  2. Pull snapping arm back and hold in place at opposite end to treadle.
  3. Whilst carefully holding snapping arm in place. Lay the locking trigger arm over the snapping arm.
  4. Insert the locking trigger arm into left side of yellow treadle plate and gently release pressure of snapping arm. The baited yellow treadle should now take the strain of spring and be slightly raised. The trap is now set.

How to use

  1. Place the baited trap along runs of known mouse activity.
  2. Place the yellow treadle end next to the wall. Mice like the security of being close to the wall.
  3. Place away from children and pets where it can’t be disturbed.


Always hold a set trap at the opposite end to yellow treadle in case it accidentally goes off.


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