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Digrain Fumite OPP - Viricidal Disinfectant Smoke

Digrain Fumite OPP is a quick and easy bacterial, fungicidal, and virucidal disinfectant smoke bomb by Lodi UK.

The disinfectant smoke bomb by Lodi UK is unique to the market and available in 2 different sizes (30g and 250g) for easy, safe use in schools, gyms, hotels, homes, medical premises, commercial buildings amongst many others.

Commonly known as 2-phenylphenol (or OPP), the active biocide is a weakly acidic, phenolic organic compound which acts specifically on the cell membrane.

Key Advantages:

  • Disinfects surfaces without requiring subsequent rinsing
  • Quick, easy-to-use application
  • Pre-dosed tins with a uniform dispersion
  • Safe for operators with limited exposure
  • Ideal for a complete disinfectant program
  • Lower quantities of biocide are required than to spray the same area
  • Dry disinfectant there is no corrosion risk
  • Two sizes are available:
    • 30g offering 30-60m3 coverage - ideal for individual rooms in domestic, commercial, and medical premises
    • 250g offering 450m3 coverage - ideal for treating pools, gyms, saunas, hotels, schools, medical premises, municipal buildings, and commercial sites

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