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Why You Should Consider Concentrates

We love concentrates at Lodi! As well as cutting down on plastic waste, they also give you more bang for your buck!

Read on to find out why you should make the switch…


What’s the difference between concentrates and ready to use (RTU)?

Concentrates are products that are designed to be diluted with water before use. They can be either liquid, granules and powders. They are generally more expensive per litre, but they are less expensive per use. This is because you’re not paying over the odds for water that you pay pennies for! They also take up less space on your shelf and in your workshop!

Ready to use products are sold in their correctly diluted and safe to apply concentrations. Some of them come in spray bottles or aerosols.  The main advantage of buying ready to use products is that they are simple and easy to use – no messy mixing required! They also benefit from being consistent as they are made in a factory that uses the same water supply every day and checks regularly to ensure quality.


A million bottles every minute!

Did you know that one million bottles are sold every minute? A pile of all of the bottles sold each hour could cover the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro! Between 1950 and 2015, 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic was produced and only 100 million tonnes is still in use. That’s just over 1 per cent!


Concentrated products are better for the environment! As they are made up on farm, they need less space in transport vehicles which lowers the amount of carbon emissions released and the number of lorries on the road. In the factory, concentrated products need less plastic packaging, less water, less effluent and less pollution!


Luckily Lodi sell both concentrates and Ready to Use products!


Dairy Fly Spray

Lodi’s Dairy Fly Spray Concentrate has an RRP of around £45-50 depending on the retailer. This is for 500ml of a highly concentrated pyrethrum formula. 50ml of the Dairy Fly Spray can be mixed with 5 litres of water to make 50 litres.

In comparison, we found a ready to use competitor which retails for a similar price – but for less than 5 litres!



Digrain C40 WP

Digrain C40 is a wettable powder, meaning that it’s dissolved in water before being sprayed. As it’s dilution rate is 2g per litre, it is incredibly economical and it’s 100% long term mortality means that it should be a workshop staple!

A 500g tub of Digrain C40 retails for around £150, but it makes 250 litres of ready to use insecticide! A competitor of Lodi’s makes a ready to use insecticide which is £35 for 5 litres – so you would need to spend £1,750 to get the same amount of end product!


Digrain Perbio Choc

Perbio Choc is the UK’s strongest oil based ready to use insecticide available to the UK farmer. It would be impossible for us to concentrate it any more! A 5 litre container can treat up to 12,500 cubic metres!  



If you have any questions about pest control products, email us at and one of the experts on our team will help!



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