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Digrain Perbio Choc RTU 1L

Product: Digrain Perbio Choc RTU 1L

Code: I3283

Description: RTU adulticide, 0.64% Permethrin and 0.63% Tetramethrin

Digrain Perbio Choc RTU 1L

The strongest oil based ready to use insecticide available to UK pest controllers.

Perbio choc RTU contains 0.64% Permethrin and 0.63% Tetramethrin for a quick knock down and long term residual. Since its launch over 8 years ago it is one of the most popular ready to use insecticides available. Pest controllers are guaranteed speedy control that will please you and your customer.

The residual can last for up to 3 months ensuring the treated area remains pest free for a long length of time. For use against flying and crawling insects incl ants, cockroaches, fleas, flies, wasps, mosquitoes, stored product moths, red mites, fruit flies, bedbugs by application to surfaces, hard and soft furnishings, cracks and crevices.

In commercial, industrial premises including kitchens, hospitals, military, food handling / processing / storage / preparation areas. In and around farm buildings, dairies, animal housing plus amenity areas, sewage works, refuse disposal and waste storage areas including refuse tips and landfill sites.

• Can either be sprayed or fogged
• Surface spray – 50ml product to 6.25 square metres
• Space treatment – 0.4ml product to 1 cubic metre
(5lts treats 12,500 cubic metres)

HSE: 7494

ENQUIRE: Digrain Perbio Choc RTU 1L

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