Wednesday 8th May

Lodi is going to Pig & Poultry 2024

Do you have a Pest Problem? Lodi has the Solution. 

Pig & Poultry Fair 2024 is less than a week away and we are ecstatic to once again be exhibiting at this fantastic showcase of the best of British. This year's event sees a change of location now hosted at Birmingham NEC. Opening its doors for two days of forums, networking, expert advice and new products. 

Here at Lodi, we have some of the market-leading products targeting poultry hygiene and on-farm insect & rodent control including; Gem’s rodenticides, Maggots larvicide, Sheila/TwentyOne fly baits and Perbio Choc red mite control. We'll be on hand to share our favourite tips, tricks and advice on how to protect your farm from pests, showing you some of our new and exciting products and as always bringing the LODI UK good vibes!

Making their debut at the 2024 Pig & Poultry Fair we will be showcasing two brand-new products to help take your poultry health & hygiene to the next level.  

  • VitaMix 33 is a balanced combination of water-soluble and lipid soluble vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Intended for the prevention of Vitamin deficiencies. Helps improve FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio), reduces stress (caused by treatment, vaccination, disease, transport, extreme temperature or climatic changes, moulting periods and peak egg-laying periods). 
  • Mite Tonic -  contributes to improve the natural resistance of poultry in their environment through natural extracts. A nutritional supplement added to the drinking water of laying hens, which works by stimulating their innate defences to create a natural toxin in the blood, acting as an immune response. 

Join us on stand 11-600, (located next to Hall 11’s Visitor Entrance). Come and talk to us about how we can support you with your pest control struggles and on-farm challenges. 

2024 also celebrates 20 years of Lodi UK! As a business we are focused on offering strong service, on-hand technical advice and unrivalled product and marketing support.  


Register for a free visitor ticket and meet Team Lodi on stand 11-600. 


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