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Phobi Dose 250ml

Product: Phobi Dose 250ml

Code: I4207

Description: Liquid concentrate insecticide, 10% Imiprothrin and 15% Cyphenothrin

Phobi Dose 250ml

Phobi Dose is an innovative and highly effective liquid concentrate formulation containing the active ingredients Imiprothrin and Cyphenothrin. The Imiprothrin active has a phenomenally fast knock down effect proven in the field and laboratory trials. The combination with Cyphenothrin gives Phobi Dose an all-round knock down and residual of up to 3 months on non porous surfaces.

Active 10% Imiprothrin & 15% Cyphenothrin
Authorisation Number: HSE 8948

ENQUIRE: Phobi Dose 250ml

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