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Weed Blast

Product: Weed Blast

Description: Weed Killer


ecofective Weed Blast is an effective, ready to use weed killer which uses acetic acid and a patented co-formulation of natural ingredients to control annual and perennial weeds in gardens, patios, paths and gravel, with visible results after 24 hours.

Available as both 1 Litre or 4 Litre bottles.

  • Effectively controls most types of weeds
  • Uses natural ingredients, making it kinder to the environment than conventional chemical based killers
  • Visible results within hours and can be used all year round*
  • Harmless to children, pets and wildlife once dried
  • 1L provides up to 35sq metre coverage / 4L provides up to 140sq metre coverage

ENQUIRE: Weed Blast

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