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Digrain LoClean 5l Concentrate

Virucidal Disinfectant

Product: Digrain LoClean Virucidal Disinfectant

Description: 5l Concentrate

ENQUIRE: Digrain LoClean 5l Concentrate

Digrain LoClean 5l Concentrate

Coronaviruses are known to be enveloped viruses containing positive-sense single-stranded RNA. LoClean Virucidal
Disinfectant has been tested against Adenovirus, Poliovirus, and Murine norovirus in accordance with EN14476, the European
standard for demonstrating virucidal activity of a disinfectant, against the enveloped Vaccinia virus. Coronavirus is an
enveloped virus and is, therefore, less resistant than non-enveloped ones. Through such testing on non-enveloped viruses
that are more resistant, we can extrapolate efficacy to Coronavirus also.

  • Virucidal, bactericidal & fungicidal concentrate
  • Effective against most common pathogens including
    viruses such as Coronavirus, Poliovirus type 1,
    Adenovirus type 5, Murine norovirus
  • Conforms to the standard EN 14476
  • Use on premises, surfaces, equipment and confined areas
  • Fast-acting, quick-drying
  • Clear, colourless liquid
  • Disinfects floors and washable surfaces (door handles, work
    surfaces, etc.) in all premises including food processing industries,
    hotels, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, sanitary facilities and schools
  • Suitable to be used in conjunction with DIGRAIN FUMITE OPP
    as part of a complete disinfection programme

According to EN14476, testing the efficacy of a disinfectant against Adenovirus and Murine norovirus permits claims of
efficacy against enveloped viruses including Coronavirus.

In order to achieve the desired effect on surfaces, it is recommended to apply the disinfectant after pre-cleaning. Dilute the
product according to the desired effect. No rinsing required, except for surfaces that may come into contact with foodstuffs.
Biocidal product TP2 and TP4.

Apply the product after cleaning the surfaces.

• For a virucidal activity, apply the product diluted at 20ml in 1L of water and leave to dry for 5 minutes.
• For a bactericidal activity, apply the product diluted at 10ml in 1L of water and let it act for 5 minutes.
• For fungicidal activity, apply the product diluted 25ml in 1L of water and leave to dry for 15 minutes.

Virucide on enveloped viruses: Poliovirus type 1, adenovirus type 5, murine norovirus according to European standard 14476.

Bactericide: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus hirae and Escherichia coli according to European
standard 13697 : 2002. Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella typhimurium according to European standard 13697 : 2015

Fungicide: Aspergillus brasiliensis and Candida albicans according to European standard 13697: 2015.


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